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FSU-Maryland Open Thread...'s been a pretty quiet week.

  • Both Marcus Ball and Xavier Lee are back from suspension. Expect Ball to play but Ponder has assumed second-team QB duties from Lee as the coaches are preparing for Lee's exit from the program.
  • Both Drew Weatherford and Antone Smith are expected to play and start.
  • Daron Rose will also be available and should start at his left tackle position.
Overall this is an important day to attend a game if you haven't already and have the opportunity to go. It's senior day and a lot of seniors like De'Cody Fagg and Andre Fluellen will be playing their final game at Doak.

I have to admit I feel a level of concern about this game, Maryland has won two of three from FSU and are fighting to get into a bowl. Believe me when I say this won't be easy.