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Good News, Bad News...

...The good news is I've escaped the rural nightmare known as Elloree, South Carolina after three painful days of very limited access to the electronic world.

The bad news is I've landed right here in Hogtown, luckily for me there are a lot of Seminole fans around and they represented last night.

Basically there are a few keys to this game and believe me when I say a victory will completely change the outlook on this program.

  • Preston Parker: I think Jimbo watched yesterday's Arkansas-LSU game and he saw how Darren McFadden played. Well Parker isn't McFadden, but he's FSU's best player and if he was debating whether to put him back on receiver or keep him at running back I hope he saw that game and decided to keep him in the backfield where he can get more touches.
  • Secondary Play: I believe the 'Noles are solid in the front seven but the secondary worried the hell out of me. Patrick Robinson is fine. Myron Rolle makes some mistakes, but he's generally decent. Tony Carter has injuries that have severely affected his play and Roger Williams is absolutely horrible. The key here is Williams staying in position.
  • Quarterback: Drew Weatherford is 0-2 against Florida and has thrown five interceptions. He generally has problems with teams that play aggressive on defense because his feet tend to put him in positions to get in trouble. This isn't one of those games where he can sit back and "manage". He's got to actually make plays and make tough passes and take some chances.
  • Red Zone efficiency: I hate FSU's red-zone offense. There's a reason this team has only scored 30 points one time this year (against N.C. State with Lee as QB). Jimbo Fisher has all but admitted that he gets conservative in the red zone due to Weatherford and a fear of Weatherford being able to throw in tight spaces. Well field goals ain't going to cut it today.