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48 Hours Later...

...and we've all had time to calm down.

On one hand I had a great time in Gainesville with a lot of Seminole fans. I got to hang out with one of Bill Cappleman's daughters (look up the name if you don't know it...respect your Seminole history!) and that was a pleasure.

The game was horrible and the team looked so slow and out of sorts.

The offense is limited behind a limited quarterback. On 3rd and long the best chance to get a first down remains a screen pass. I know Drew isn't a playmaker, but he doesn't make the necessary throws either. Ken Dorsey wasn't a playmaker but he knew how to make the throws.

The defense is just outdated. It's funny. I was listening to Mike Ditka talk about how the 85 Bears defense would match up against the Patriots and the first thing he said is... "They would line up in a 4 or 5-wide and spread us out. That would force any pass rush to come from the front four. We'd have to disguise our blitzes and change our scheme."

FSU hasn't changed their scheme and they can't defend against the spread without a world class defensive end (which they don't have) and a very strong secondary (which they don't have).

Dekoda Watson said the team quit. I don't totally buy that, but I do believe they were discouraged and completely caught off guard by a team that was much better.

Geno Hayes snapped at an AP reporter. It was the most emotion he showed all night.

Mike Bianchi and Martin Fennelly laugh at the notion that this is still a rivalry but rather an exhibition. I laugh at that considering that FSU's worse team in 20 years was a few inches on a kick return from beating a Florida team that won a national title. Weatherford also imploded in that game

Bowden wants the boys to remember this game. Whatever coach. They got whipped in Gainesville two years ago and I'm sure they remembered that.

When it comes to fitting in unique pieces, Bowden has always had a difficult time doing it. Occasionally there was a Charlie Ward situation (which had more to do with depth than any desire to play the future Heisman winner) but FSU has recruited a template prototype player rather than a real bonafide football player. If Tebow was in Garnet & Gold would he be sitting right now? playing tight end? What would he be doing?