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About the Suspensions...

...yes, it will happen.

I've heard the final number will be anywhere between 15 and 20 players suspended for the Music City Bowl.

They will be suspended as part of an improper academic scandal regarding an internet correspondence class.

The suspensions will most likely carry into next season with the minimum being three games and the maximum being a lost of eligibility.

If the suspended players appeal their suspensions, they risk losing the remainder of their eligibility.

I've heard names, I'm not going to say what I've heard but yes there are quite a few starters included with the names I've heard. I'm not going to be very lenient with the comments because this isn't Warchant's free board, so be smart.

Even More

Bob Thomas has a blurb about this in his blog. It's not surprising that Dave Hart is being painted as the villian because he and TK Wetherell do not have a good relationship and TK can spin this as justification for getting rid of Hart. Of course none of that is true, but TK is a politician and will jump right into "spin doctor" mode.

As for the class in question it's a large class (over 400 students) taken by a large number of athletes. Apparently cheating was so widespread between athletes and non-athletes that the University vacated the entire class.

This will affect every sport at FSU, every single sport.