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More on the Suspensions

The Tallahassee Democrat weighs in:

23 names, 11 with prior starting experience and 4-5 second-team guys with the rest being walk-ons.

Names definitely not on the list:

Drew Weatherford
Antone Smith
Preston Parker
Greg Carr
Geno Hayes (which actually goes against one of my sources)
Derek Nicholson

Other strange happenings

Both Kenny Ingram and Anthony Houllis worked at the lineback position yesterday.

Names curiously not mentioned as not being on the list:

De'Cody Fagg
Andre Fluellen
Letroy Guion
Paul Griffin
Myron Rolle (although I seriously doubt he's part of the problem)
Budd Thacker (Bud's biggest fan is reading...please tell us something!)
Roger Williams
Tony Carter (doubt he's there)
Patrick Robinson

Again, it's just a story and we won't know until we actually know but things are a little more clearer today than yesterday.