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Post Saturday-Thoughts...

...For the first time in a while I took in a full day of football. Usually I'd watch an early game and head to a game in Tally or I had a USF game to cover for a wire service. So I finally got to watch things unfold.

* My point on the "game manager" as compared to the "quarterback"...did anyone see Ryan Perilloux yesterday? Who could honestly watch Perilloux and Matt Flynn and think "You know, I got a much better chance with the slow kid with the weak arm."

Not only was Perilloux solid, he allowed LSU's crop of receivers to stretch the field and that opened everything up for the option running which made Jacob Hester's inside running even more productive. That being said, of course Perilloux is a head case, but I believe that if LSU has Perilloux playing from the start, they go 13-0 or 12-1 at worse.

  • Sticking with LSU, I'm not sure about Les Miles' true situation. I know what was announced and then what was later announced. But coaches don't tell the truth.
  • Something about Hawai'i intrigues me. I don't think they are a great team by any stretch, hell they struggled at home against the 8th best Pac-10 team. But they have passion and you can tell they love to compete. Two things that have been missing from the FSU program.
  • I don't think Jimbo Fisher will be headed to Hattiesburg to become the head coach. Now if Arkansas interviews him, I'll be worried.
  • I know my Jacksonville readers will take great offense to this...but that's not the city for the ACC Championship. A better location would be Washington D.C./Baltimore. I believe the ACC would consider the home office (Charlotte) or Orlando once the Citrus Bowl is done with its redesign.
  • If LSU and Oklahoma were given the nod to play in the BCS title game would anyone complain (outside of the people in Columbus, Ohio)? I know I wouldn't.
  • If you would've told me at the beginning of the season that FAU and UCF would be the state of Florida's only conference champions I would have laughed.