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So Who Ya Got?!

Who do you guys have in the BCS...

Let me take a stab at it.

What Will Happen
BCS Title: LSU vs. Ohio State
Rose: USC vs. Oklahoma
Fiesta: Kansas vs. Arizona State
Sugar: Georgia vs. Hawai'i
Orange: West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

Missouri and Florida get bumped because you can't have three teams. Illinois just misses the cut. Hawai'i gets their BCS bowl.

What Should Happen
BCS Title: LSU vs. Oklahoma
Rose: USC vs. Ohio State
Fiesta: Arizona State vs. Hawai'i
Sugar: Georgia vs. Missouri
Orange: West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

With all things equal, Missouri beat Kansas and should get the nod over the Jayhawks..but that won't happen because the BCS has a short memory.

Personally I think any voter with a brain has to vote LSU and Oklahoma 1-2 on their ballot and give us the best game with the best teams. I don't believe anyone thinks 11-1 Ohio State is one of the top two best teams in the nation.

The Rose gets their traditional matchup. Fiesta gets a good crowd matchup with the Sun Devils staying home and the Warrior faithful enjoying a week in Tempe and Las Vegas. Georgia-Missouri is an easy sell out.

Of course WVU and Virginia Tech won't draw dick but it wasn't going to anyway.

Give me your picks!