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A Few Tidbits of News...

...As always there are some interesting stories on the heels of a bowl game and this week is no different.

Bobby Bowden talks with ESPN about his legacy and I think the following exerpt turned some heads unnecessarily because the coach was obviously joking.

Bowden told Arute he does not expect to have any victories taken away but said that if it happens, it happens. He quipped that he has 22 victories from his initial coaching job that have never been counted, anyway, and that he would play that hand if needed to maintain his position atop the coaching ranks, two ahead of Paterno.

A far more interesting story comes from the Tallahassee Democrat regarding Mickey Andrews. I'm not sure how to take this one but it's very interesting nonetheless. Andrews' wife, Diane, seems to imply that FSU had been stringing her husband all along about the head coaching job and there appears to be some disappointment about Andrews' opportunity to be a head coach anyway coming and going.

"I think God gives women perception that he doesn't give men, and I knew that a long time ago. I did," she said. " ... Just a short time ago, Bobby said, 'Don't worry about it. It's going to be OK. Look how old I am? It's going to happen.'

"But I knew better than that. Mickey didn't. Mickey didn't know until it happened and that in itself was a blow. It had to be hard for him, even though I tried to cushion him. I tried to say, 'Mickey, watch this.' Mickey is the most loyal, trusting human being in the whole world. What you say to him, he believes it. And he really believed that."

How do you take that? A shot at Bowden, who has always said that he'd choose Andrews as his replacement should they let him decide (actually I think he'd choose Terry) or a shot at T.K. Wetherell for engineering the Jimbo deal against Bobby's word?

Who knows. All I know is if and when Andrews retires (and that could be in February) than its possible the story could come out.

Nonetheless there's no question that Andrews lost out on quite a few head coaching opportunities in the late 90s.