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The Succession Plan...

...Now I know you've heard and in case you haven't, Jimbo Fisher is going to be getting a nice raise and be named successor to Bobby Bowden as head coach of the football team.

This is a double-edged sword, not even getting into the legalities of it based on the Sunshine Laws, etc.

The Good: Stability and a safety net when Bowden retires. Now recruits have a better idea of what FSU has in store for the future. If prospective and current players like Jimbo Fisher (which many of them seem to do) than they have assurance that he's going to be around for a while.

The Bad: I don't think any of us know if Fisher is the right guy for the job. My feeling is if FSU had done this with Mark Richt eight years ago the program would've had little drop off and would still be competing for titles. Of course they didn't and to be honest they are still regretting it. Jimbo's success at FSU was about teaching and changing attitudes. Hopefully in 2008 it will show up on the field.

The Ugly: If there were any questions about Bowden's role in the program this should answer them. FSU is paying for two head coaches and did not want Bowden to be involved in hiring another assistant if Jimbo Fisher left. It's sad that such a glorious career has come down to this as FSU is now trying to figure out ways to win in spite of Bowden rather than win under Bowden.


Just to expand on what's happened.... Jimbo got a raise from $425,000 a season to $625,000 a season. He also now (both contracts are expected to be announced Monday by Wetherell) has a clause in his contract that will "Generously compensate the Offensive Coordinator if he does not succeed Bobby Bowden as FSU's Head Football Coach" .....

I think this is good for TWO HUGE REASON, #1 We basically stop Jimbo from searching for other jobs and #2 If we feel he's not right for the job once Bobby steps down, then we can just pay Jimbo to leave, much like MLB does with veteran players not pulling their weight.

I think its Win-Win, three years gives Bobby time (this should be his last season tho) and it should keep Jimbo happy. Worst case, we keep a great OC and make him our HC or we pay him to leave. I'm not worried about the money. Florida State has PLENTY of it.