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Back to .500

...FSU appears as a 10 seed in Joe Lunardi's Bracketology.

The team is back at .500 after pasting Maryland by 19 points. The ebb and flow of this squad is simple. Good at home, awful on the road. That will have to chance in the next few weeks as FSU needs to hold home court and steal a victory on the road in order to finish .500 in the conference.

The good news is the crop of Mid-Majors are awful this year and there won't be a situation like the Missouri Valley Conference of last year. 6 or 7 ACC squads should be in and FSU will be one of them.

Al Thornton continues to be a First-team All-ACC performer and Toney Douglas has really picked up his game in the last few weeks. I'm hoping Josue Soto picks up his game more in the next few weeks because he's much better suited for the point position, which would move Douglas to shooting guard and FSU can employ a dangerous three-guard set with Soto, Douglas and Jason Rich.

On Saturday the 'Noles will travel to Cameron where they were completely hosed out of a victory last season. Let's see if we can pull out an upset!