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Football Grab Bag

I'm sorry about the lack of posts in recent weeks. I've been a little swamped at work. However, I'm on a more consistent schedule and I will have an opinion piece on FSU's latest recruiting class tomorrow. There were some hits (solid offensive line prospects) and some misses (no running back, no free safety for the second year in the row).

Meanwhile there are some happenings in the football world.

-- Mat drills officially got underway this week.

-- John Frady has taken heed of new coach Rick Trickett's warnings and gotten lighter.

-- Alabama tries to raid FSU's staff for a second coach, but John Lilly says no.

-- Looks like Brandon Warren is a goner and D.J. Norris will move to tight end.

-- Ticket prices go up as the number of home games go down.

And on a side note, FSU's quarterback of the future D'Vontrey Richardson is currently playing center field and hitting over .300 for the Seminoles' baseball team. He brings some much needed speed and pop to that lineup.