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Where Does the Basketball Team Stand...

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...The good news is that FSU men snapped their 5-game losing streak with a 26-point victory over N.C. State.

...The bad news is that Maryland probably jumped off the bubble with their victories over FSU and North Carolina which means there are currently 7 ACC teams in the dance.

What does FSU need to do?

Beat Miami. Plain and simple. I think that victory will put them back in the dance, but they will still need to reach the magic number of 20. The good news is that Toney Douglas will probably return for the ACC Tournament and with him in the lineup, FSU can probably beat anyone (with the possible exception of UNC).

Meanwhile Lunardi has FSU as part of the "Next Four Out" on his Bracketology.

And Sportsline has FSU squarely on the bubble.

If there was one mid-major that FSU (and all bubble teams) need to look at for is the Big South. Winthrop is the class of the conference, but they are also in line for an at-large if they slip. That's the only way the Big South would get two teams in the dance. Winthrop can't slip!

Not forgetting about the ladies, FSU's Lady Noles are current projected to be an 8 seed in the Women's Tournament