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Who Must FSU Root For

FSU is the quintessential bubble team this year. Lunardi says they are out. Seth Davis says they are in. Yoni Cohen doesn't know.

Friday's 15-point loss to North Carolina didn't help nor did upsets in the Big 10, A-10, SEC and Big XII. One thing working for the Seminoles is Al Thornton and the fact that the selection committee has always enjoyed a star presence.

So here are the games to watch today and the teams FSU must root for.

Big 10: Ohio State must beat Purdue and Wisconsin must beat Illinois

SEC: Florida MUST win today and tomorrow. The SEC West might get one or no teams in, if Florida wins the title it could possibly eliminate any bubble team from the SEC West. Mississippi State beating Arkansas wouldn't hurt either.

Big XII: Kansas must beat Kansas State and Texas must beat Oklahoma

PAC 10: Oregon might need to beat USC although I think both teams are safely in.

WAC: Nevada will get an at large and it looks like the winner of tonight's game (New Mexico State/Utah State) will be the only other team to get in. However root for New Mexico State just in case.