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Live Blogging Through Selection Sunday

This will update periodically.

This is a huge day for the FSU men's basketball program. Right now this team is the ultimate bubble squad and while those bubble positions are filling up, I believe there's one remaining for the Seminoles and we'll hear about it come 6:30 p.m.

As for today, we as Seminole fans have to root for Florida and North Carolina earlier. Both Arkansas and N.C. State probably need to win to make the tournament and neither would be considered to have a better resume than FSU.

12:09 -- FSU is mentioned on ESPN's College Gameday. They talked about Leonard Hamilton's petitioning and Toney Douglas' injury that put them on this bubble. They mentioned they don't have any bad losses and they have a good win at home (Florida) and a good one on the road (Duke). They've done everything asked of them to beef up their schedule and provide a more attractive resume than last year.

1:23 -- N.C. State 21, North Carolina 17 midway through the first period. The Tar Heels look incredibly flat right now.

1:58 -- UNC 42-34 and UF 36-28 as both games are at halftime. North Carolina warmed up considerably in the final five minutes of the first half.

2:19 -- UNC is up by 11 now and it looks like N.C. State is tired so that game appears to be safe.

2:43 -- The Gators are up by 26 and well in control. This is good news as any bubble love Arkansas was getting will now have this horribly lopsided result as part of the equation. Also FSU defeated Florida earlier this year (I love mentioning that).

2:57 --The ACC game isn't as safe as I thought. UNC is up by 6 with 42 seconds remaining. They need a stop and two free throws to be honest.

3:04 --UNC 89, N.C. State 80 and that's a final. The Gators won big, I don't have the final score but I heard 77-53. Either way it's everything the Seminoles could've asked for. So I'm going to take a jog. The Big 10 and Big XII games are meaningless for us as those four teams participating are mainly looking for top-line seeds.