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Selection Sunday

6:00 -- Here we go: Florida, UNC, Ohio State and Kansas are the number one seeds. No real surprise there. Not sure who the overall number one seed is but a Kansas-Florida Final Four matchup is juicy fruit.

6:04 -- I don't see the gripe for UCLA, they got knocked out of their conference tournament early.

6:10 -- Old Dominion gets an at-large in the midwest. Lunardi had them as one of the last four out. No site of FSU in the Midwest.

6:16 -- FAMU gets the nod as a participant in the play-in game against Niagara.

6:17 -- Illinois gets one of those bubble spots. Lunardi also had them out. Remember when he used to brag about getting 64 of 65?

6:19 -- FSU will not be participating in the west side of the bracket.

6:25 -- BULLSHIT! Arkansas makes it? Based on what? Getting killed by Florida? Six ACC teams so far, it doesn't look good.

6:35 -- And with the final matchups announced, FSU is headed back to the NIT again. So much for beefing up the schedule and playing tough competition.

6:38 -- Seth Davis says Florida State played their way out of the tournament and I have to agree. The selection committee didn't take Toney Douglas' injury into consideration.