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It's Spring Again

The spring football season starts TODAY (weather permitting) and a few notes about the depth chart.

-- Apparently Jimbo Fisher is still going with his "three co No. 1 QBs" but kept the depth chart like last year for whatever reasons. Personally I think he might be backtracking a bit, but we'll see.

-- Don't pay much mind to the offensive line part of the depth chart because Rick Trickett says he's just doing it be seniority since none of them have earned anything.

-- Baraka Atkins is moving from center to guard, which is surprising because I expected Frady to be the one to move (and he still might) due to his pathetic snaps.

-- On defense Alex Boston was dropped down on the chart due to his anticipated inactivity in some spring drills.

-- Geno Hayes is moving to middle linebacker for now.

-- Jamie Robinson is ahead of Michael Ray Garvin on the right corner side.