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Today Is Really the...

...official start of spring practice as the players will be wearing some pads and start the "thud" process.

As I've read the reports so far everything is what it is. It appears that Preston Parker and Rod Owens are doing well so far and De'Cody Fagg might really have an opportunity to post big numbers.

Hard to tell on QBs until the pads get on. Christian Ponder has had a good start and D'Vontrey Richardson is taking part in some elements of practice when he's not playing baseball.

As for the offensive line, there aren't too many times when coach Rick Trickett isn't chewing someone out. They are getting a life's worth of lessons in one spring. Jacky Claude actually called this the hardest practices he's ever been through. Which is very sad considering they were in helmets and shorts.

As Steve Ellis puts in his blog, Trickett reminds Bowden and anyone who followed FSU in the 90s of old Wayne McDuffie. Both guys are very demanding and aren't afraid to put foot in ass if the situation demands.

As for the defense it's hard to see without pads, but the little interaction they've had with the offensive line has led to a few shoving contests, which is always good to see. Many reports have Jamie Robinson emerging as the Seminoles' best corner which means he and Tony Carter could make for a solid combination in the defensive backfield.