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Very Unofficial Stats from first scrimmage...

At the last count.

It appears that the mixed up the 1s and 2s with the only difference being the line as guys like Antone Smith and Greg Carr lined up with the "2s".

Nonetheless here are some of the stats.

Lee -- 6-of-10, 93 yards, TD, 15-yard scramble.
Weatherford -- 4-of-11, 69 yards, sacked 3 times.

Smith -- 5 carries, 95 yards, TD (65), 1 reception.
Sims -- 3 carries, 17 yards
Edwards -- 4 carries, 15 yards, 2 TD in goal line drills.

Neefy Moffett had a couple of sacks to lead the defense and Roger Williams forced a fumble on an Antone Smith carry.