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Quick QB Report on the Scrimmage...

...both QBs are doing their thing right now.


Weatherford is 9-for-11, 126 yards, 2TD, 2 sacks. One of the touchdown passes was a 65-yarder to Richard Goodman.

Lee is 10-12, 133 yards yards, 2TD, INT, and a botched snap although Frady appears to be at fault there. Lee had a 53-yarder to Goodman nullified by a penalty and one of his touchdowns was a 29-yarder to Preston Parker.

-- Rough day for the running game as the defense dominated them and Antone Smith fumbled for the third time in two scrimmages.

-- Weatherford has been sacked five times, Lee hasn't been sacked yet.

[editor's note, by nafselon]Frady actually didn't practice today, freshman Brandon Davis was the first-team center. Apologies to Frady.