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Unofficial Scrimmage Stats...

...full scrimmage today. Weatherford worked with the 1s in the first half and Lee worked with the first team in the second half.


Weatherford: 14-of-21, 136 yards, TD, Sacked twice (I think)
Lee: 16-of-25, 215 yards, 2 TD, INT
Ponder: 2-of-2, 36 yards.


-- Antone Smith had over 100 yards but fumbled again (caused by Moffett)

-- Rod Owens had several catches on a few series.

-- Damon McDaniel caught at least three/four passes.

-- Rolle had the interception of Lee.

-- Carr caught two touchdown passes (35 yards from Lee, 3 yards from Weatherford); Shaw caught a 13-yard touchdown from Lee.