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Bowden Quotes from 3/31 Scrimmage

On Offense

"The light is coming on a bit for the offense. It's flickering. I thought they had the better of the defense today."

"Guy that had the good day was Shaw. Shaw had a touchdown and I don't know how he got in there."

"Jimbo told me this morning that he thinks the offense is starting to pick it up."

On Quarterbacks

"Overall they hit more than they missed."

"The good thing about it is I saw improvement out of both of them. And you're really seeing improvement out of Lee. The other kid is improving too but Lee is improving more."

On Antone Smith

"I hope he can stay healthy, he's a good player."

On Injuries

"[Caz] tried to go today but we wouldn't let him. He could barely walk."

Spring Game

"We haven't discussed the format yet. But we'll probably go to the [points system] we used last year."