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Fisher Quotes On Scrimmage (3/31)

On Quarterbacks

"It seemed good from the sideline. Things seemed to be clicking more. We nowhere close and we have a long ways to go."

"We had one turnover I wasn't happy about, but we played better and picked up some third downs."

"There's a competition thing but I tell each of them that you can't control what the other guy does. So when they understand that they will be fine."

"We're trying to feed them a lot now and when they do it'll be my judgement to decide what they can and can't handle."

"In time [the starter] will come out. We'll let them compete and get better and it'll come out."

"[The competition] may [go to the wire] and we've got two more weeks and we'll pass judgment when the time comes."

"They are not fighting, they are helping each other and encouraging each other -- being FSU guys and being about the team, not themselves."