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What Do We Have at QB...

...I find myself asking this question pretty often. What does FSU really have at QB?

Drew Weatherford is a strong worker, he studies the offense, he practices well, people like him, teammates like him, coaches have confidence in his leadership abilities.

He also couldn't reach the side of the barn he can't hit. He's thrown 49 interceptions in his last three seasons of organized football. The team doesn't seem to believe in his ability to lead them to victories.

Xavier Lee is a special talent, he has the ability to do things with his arm and feet that few can match. He also seems to be well liked by teammates and some coaches (not all).

He also is a horribly inconsistent player. He doesn't command leadership on the field and often times struggles to put his team in the right formations. He can be wildly erratic and much of that stems from trying to do too much when the situation doesn't call for it.

I'm lost with these two. I like them both but I don't feel like FSU will ever be a great team with Weatherford. He'll get you to the Gator Bowl and post some decent numbers. He's a safe pick, but underwhelming. Almost like, "yeah we'll take the 9-3 or 10-2 season and smile."

Lee is a risk, it's as risky as betting a single number in roulette. You might lose 99 out of 100 times but if the number hits it's an incredible payoff. And if it hits once, you believe it will hit again. It's .500 or BCS with Lee.

Where do you guys stand?