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FSU Recruits Profiled by Disney?

In today's Orlando Sentinel there is a front-page story when four FSU recruits were detained by Disney security after allegedly "loitering" around the property.

The four recruits (Vincent Williams, Nick Moody, Avis Commack and Nigel Carr) were ejected and banned from the park for life.

Now here comes the story. Disney has been accused of racial profiling during a current "crackdown" on "suspicious persons" around Downtown Disney. Numbers support this claim of profiling as 45 of 46 citations and bans issued were to minorities. Also the security at Disney had apparently targeted and followed the FSU recruits around for several hours.

So, here's the fun part. Moody's dad is a prominent civil-rights lawyer in Pennsylvania. Williams' adopted mother is a manager in the finance department at Disney. And apparently another player has hired a prominent Florida lawyer to pursue litigation.

Mark Nugent, Williams adopted father (who happens to be white), said the following:

"Is it because they're all over 6 feet tall and black? I want the trespass warnings dropped so the kids can visit Disney if they want. And an apology would be nice."

I smell a sticky situation unless some apologies are handed down quickly.