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Having a Little Fun...

...Before my copy of NCAA 2007 ends up on the used shelf of a GameStop in Pinellas County, I wanted to have a little more fun with it.

After finally winning a National title in Heisman (lost four times in the title game by a combined 7 points), I'm headed into my final recruiting season I wanted to take a page from the upcoming next-gen All-Pro Football 2K8 release and add a few old-time college stars to the recruiting base and see how there recruits shake out.

I'm going with a wide variety of players but mostly sticking to the 70s, 80s and 90s. In most cases these will be five-star guys so I can track their performances early.

So far I've got:

Charlie Ward
Peter Warrick
Adrian McPherson (heh)
Deion Sanders

I'm only using four FSU guys because I want a national pool.

Others I'm using:

Andre Ware
Jamelle Holloway (AWESOME wishbone QB for Oklahoma)
Brian Bosworth
O.J. Simpson (double heh)
Herschel Walker
Bo Jackson
Donovan McNabb
Archie Manning
Peyton Manning
Irving Fryar
Michael Irvin
Warren Sapp
Emmitt Smith
Danny Wuerrfel
Wilbur Marshall
Lawrence Taylor
Earl Campbell
Desmond Howard
Rick Mirer
Rocket Ismail

As you can see I'm pretty much done with offense, I want to add more defensive players though.

I'd like to get to around 40. Help me add some more.