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Results of NCAA Recruiting...

So as I said in a previous post I was going to create some of the old school prospects in my final NCAA 07 and see how they shook out.

Here's what happened.

Charlie Ward -- Wake Forest
Peter Warrick -- FSU
Adrian McPherson -- Alabama
Deion Sanders -- FSU
Andre Ware -- Texas Tech
Peyton Manning -- Texas Tech (Yikes, QB controversies divide teams y'know)
Archie Manning -- Ole Miss
Lawrence Taylor -- Virginia
Orlando Pace -- Kent State (eh?)
Irving Fryar -- Boston College
Bo Jackson -- Wake Forest
Herschel Walker -- Wake Forest (can you say backfield of dreams! Jim Grobe will never be happier)
Tony Mandarich -- Oregon
O.J. Simpson -- Southern Cal
Wilbur Marshall -- FSU
Michael Irvin -- FSU (!!, Irvin and Warrick were the top two receivers nationally)
Warren Sapp -- Florida
Emmitt Smith -- Florida
Earl Campbell -- Miami (recruited as an athlete)
Donovan McNabb -- DNQ
Danny Wuerffel -- South Carolina (Hmmm)
Jonathan Ogden -- Virginia Tech
Brian Bosworth -- Oklahoma
Jamelle Holieway -- Colorado
Keith Jackson -- Arkansas
Rocket Ismail -- Penn State

So six recruits signed with the college they played for. None of those were really a big surprise since they all lived in the home states. Wuerffel went to play for his original coach.