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Jerry Rice on FSU Campus Today...

...Jerry Rice will be a special guest for tonight's Seminole Showcase camp for elite recruiting prospects.

What relationship does Rice have with the Seminoles?

Well he and FSU running back Dexter Carter are good friends from their playing days in San Francisco and with Bowden being out of pocket this weekend to attend his Hall of Fame Induction, Carter asked his old friend to show up and provide extra incentive.

Deion Sanders, Leon Washington, Terrell Buckley, Ernie Sims, Peter Boulware, Corey Simon, William Floyd, Casey Weldon and others will also take part in the event. C'mon, no Ron Simmons?!?!?!


Coach Carter had been vocal in his criticism of how FSU treats former players in comparison to other programs (Miami) before joining the staff. He is said to be the main force behind getting the older Seminoles more involved in program happenings.

If you live in Tallahassee the event is open for the fans.