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More Practice Observations...

(I haven't been instructed on how to do the little Tomahawk Nation bullet points, help me out JScott!) - i got you brother

I think both quarterbacks have struggled enough that Christian Ponder has actually stood out as an alternative. I don't expect Ponder to start, but there's no doubt that Lee and Weatherford have to step up.

It looks like Joe Surratt's days as being a major contributor for FSU are over. Seddrick Holloway is the blocking fullback and Marcus Sims in becoming the "combination" back (Fullback/H-Back) that will be on the field in many situations.

At the linebacker position it seems like Derek Nicholson is a little more confident returning from injury than Marcus Ball right now.

Antone Smith is being heavily protected. I'm positive the coaches won't overplay him in scrimmages, etc.

It seems like most of the defensive starting situation is set outside of linebacker. Guys like Everette Brown and Budd Thacker are pushing the linemen, but I think the front four will stay the same barring injury.

That's All I got.

Image courtesy of Mark Wallheiser of the Tallahassee Democrat

And the Lord said, "You got to Rise-UP-a" .... Okay that was bad, I apologize. Seriously though, what are they doing in that picture up above? It looks like a scene from the movie Hostel. Anyway heres a few more observations from today's Full-Padded Practice:

The Noles had their most physical Practice of the day, which finally included goalline drills.

There will not be a Practice tomorrow, due to Media-Fan Day, which will be held at the Leon County Civic Center around 2:30pm, take your youngsters out there.

RB Antone Smith was held out of all Contact Drills today, while he's nursing his hamstring to full strength.

WR Preston Parker is sporting a cast on his left hand, but he still MANNED UP and participated in all 24 Drills

DE Everette Brown beat the O-Line three times today for would-be sacks. You're my Boy Blue!! Garnet & Gold needs to put those #99 Jerseys on the Sales Racks!!!!

S Myron Rolle broke up a pass, only to have WR Preston Parker snatch it out of the air, Oh but he was rewarded with a defensive tag-team head masher.

Freshman WR Bert Reed showed some toughness on a short pick up, by being hit THREE times and continued to stay on his feet. "I SEE you Bert!" - sorry

On the first play of Goalline Drills, Defensive Lineman Letroy Guion hit the RB as the QB was handing him the ball, obviously breaking up the play and he recovered the fumble. Those are beautiful sights to see, you know it?

QB Xavier Lee got the CHEAP Touchdown of the day, going over the top of the pile on a busted play. He was wearing a GREEN JERSEY, thus he couldnt be touched. If only he could wear that thing during the Regular Season ..... eh

The majority of the insights here were provided once again by The image was provided by the Who's your buddy?