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Jimbo on the Radio

Good Interview with Dunaway & Brown.

Some highlights:

-- Already expecting the biggest crowd in Gator Bowl (Alltel Stadium) history for the Florida State-Alabama game.

-- Best summer he's ever seen. The kids are working very hard.

-- FSU has a bunch of good players, probably not as good as some of the "elite elite" (he mentions LSU) but a very good core.

-- He and Bowden have a similar philosophy on offense as it's to "never back up". (Too bad that motto isn't hereditary).

-- He was very interested in the UAB job but he's happy at Florida State and says everything happens for a reason.

-- Quarterback situation remains the same. It's not a controversy, it's a luxury and he feels like he will need both quarterbacks to win throughout the season.

-- Defenses in the ACC and SEC are almost the same and Jimbo mentions Virginia Tech, Miami and North Carolina State's recent three first round picks are evidence of that.