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More News!!!

Remember the Gator who stole one of FSU's national championship trophies?

T-Buck is back in the fold as a student assistant according to Warchant.

There is an not-yet confirmed report from Warchant that Matt Hardrick is off the team for an off-the-field happening.

Team Slogan: Bad to the Bone.

Brian Coulter will not be part of the FSU program in 2007.

FSU-Alabama game is going to be called the River City Showdown and I'm sure they will have a sponsor attached to that real soon. 85,000 tickets have been sold and they are adding an extra 1,000 to be split between the two school.

FSU at the Citrus Bowl in the future is all but confirmed. Jacksonville also wants to bring FSU back in 2008 but only for the right opponent (Reportedly West Virginia was approached and not interested).