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Early Day Thoughts...

...two bedroom house, five televisions. Yes I'm an addict.

-- The Big 10 continues to suck as Wisconsin was tied at 21 with The Citadel and gave up 31 points in an unimpressive victory...Minnesota also lost to Florida Atlantic, thus justifying that program's firing of Glen Mason. Iowa State defeats Iowa at Kinnick.

On the bright side for the conference Indiana defeated Akron! :)

-- Notre Dame is easily among the worst top 20 teams in the nation. And it's not a "oh they are young" bad, it's an "oh they are slow, small and weak" bad. One of those bads that it takes five years to get better from.

-- The gap between the Gators and the Seminoles/Hurricanes is getting wider and wider and it needs to stop. USF may be our only hope at keeping this from being a Gator Nation.

-- Watching the UF-Tennessee game I have come to the conclusion that FSU needs a star at the QB position. Not consistency but an actual STAR and maybe E.J. Manuel or D'Vo Richardson is that guy, but they need a guy ready to be a star. I wish I could hold X-Lee down and choke him until he realized the opportunity he is blowing by not caring.

-- The ACC is just as bad as the Big 10 if not worse. The league champion will be 8-4. Remember how much fun we made of the Big East when the ACC expanded? Yeah the Big East would kick the ACC's ass up and down the field. Believe that.