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GameDay Thread

Well I wanted to start a blog for tonight's game, but I'm still watching these hayseeds from the SEC clog up all the programming. Blog material after the jump. Comment freely!

Start of the 3rd quarter

Looks like this faithful blogger could be headed to a bar to watch the end of this Seminole victory. Have a good night and GO NOLES!

2:30, 2nd quarter

Colorado does a lot of the same rinky-dink shit that Florida does with the difference being that Florida's rinky-dink shit comes equipped with lots of speed.

The defense needs a stop here, this is no time to give up points and lose momentum.

Trivia Answer

Fred Biletnikoff and Dexter Jackson

10:45, 2nd quarter

ANTONE~! brings it home for the Garnet and Gold. Time to go to the pay window and receive your prize. 7-0 Noles!

12:30, 2nd quarter

Pat Robinson GOT IN that receivers grill. That looked like it hurt, badly.

14:30, 2nd quarter

Call me whatever you want, but it's 3rd and 13, if you're going to call that option keeper why not use the ATHLETIC quarterback? I'm not saying start him or whatever, but try using him on that one play.

End of first quarter

FSU survives a long drive with no points and another slow start for the boys on both sides of the ball. They should get better in the second half and they better hope they don't have to deal with much of a deficit when they get there.

2:00, first quarter

As expected the first quarter in Boulder has zipped by thanks to the lack of television timeouts. Oh well catch the replay on SUN Sports or FSN South tomorrow :(.

Final Score
Alabama 41, Arkansas 38, Hell of a game. Time to go now!

Pre-Game Warchant reports that the game's kickoff time was pushed back to 10:15 p.m.