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Numbers Ain't Pretty...

...Before I get into the ugly stats of Saturday's gutsy win, I am glad to see they released the hounds at Bruins Nation. Never before have I seen a group of people so excited that their team got beat so they could pile on to the coach. If you think Drew Weatherford has it bad from fans here, it's nothing compared to the lynch job those guys at BN do to Karl Dorrell on a daily basis.

Ok, I had a feeling last night's this morning's victory was ugly, but I'm going to let Jimbo tell you (and you can read the full transcript from Warchant if you want).

"That was the most inept and ridiculous demonstration of football I've been around in my life. I'll tell you what, if I'm an offensive player I'm embarrassed to say I was a part (of it) with the way our defense played."

It's embarrassing to be a FSU fan. We used to have players that wanted the BALL ... We now have players that want it sometimes and sometimes they don't

Uh oh. Let 'em have it Jimbo!

"If the best players aren't performing we are going to find somebody who does. Everything is always open so we are going to find 11 football players next week that want to play, I promise that."

You know I hear that, but I don't believe that. You had a STARTING WIDE RECEIVER come out and say publicly that he takes plays off. What did you do to remedy that situation? YOU STARTED HIM AGAINST UAB ... UAB ... what a joke.

Oh no, Jimbo! What did you think of the model of consistency Drew Weatherford?

"Obviously I don't think very good but until I watch the film to find out exactly what everybody did I'm not going to say that."

What if I said he stunk up the joint?

"You are dag gone right."

What about the rest of the guys. DeCody Fagg dropping passing, Greg Carr being Greg Carr, did anyone block?

"We had a couple key drops, key missed throws, key missed reads, you name a key and we had a key at everything from left tackle to Z to Y to quarterback and tight end."

Damn coach, you ARE pissed. Maybe you need to sleep on this for a while.

"No, would you sleep if you were in charge of that?

Hey hey now, don't bring is here.

Ok, just having a little fun with the offensive coordinator and whatever offense took the field last night was offensive.

221 total yards, 89 on two plays.

Drew Weatherford, 8-of-18 for 129 yards, 45 on one play to Carr. 0-for-3 touchdowns inside the red zone.

Antone Smith, 22 carries, 69 yards, 44 on the touchdown run so he had 25 yards on his other 21 carries. That's a 1.1 average folks.

DeCody Fagg....what can I say about DeCody that hasn't already been with the vomit coming out of my mouth every time I see him on the field. HE CAN'T CATCH!

The offensive line didn't help themselves out either. David Overmyer looked like...David Overmyer and single-handed neglected a nice long run from Jamaal Edwards. Otherwise the line is in shambles outside of Ryan McMahon, a redshirt freshman who moved over to the offensive line in the spring.

Third-down conversions were abysmal to the tune of 1-for-13. (the announcers wouldnt let anyone forget that stat)

Defensively there were some bright spots -- a near shutout, two interceptions by Tony Carter, three sacks from the defensive ends and solid tackling all around.

But offensively...yikes.


Solid Tackling is an understatement: Give Dekoda Watson a game ball. That guy hurt players last night, on both the Defense and Special Teams. Who knew he had such a knack for the ball. Whoever said us not having Mickey out there against UAB didnt matter was insanely proved wrong last night. The Defense looked Vintage out there. I love Bud Thacker's Motor, Geno Haye's "NEW" in your face attitude, and Marcus Ball had a good game.

Offensively, yikes is right. I thought the OLine did a decent job this morning, I mean, Weatherford did stay on his feet for 80% of the Game. How SHOCKED did RB Antone Smith look to see that HUGE GAP in which he ran through? ha ha ... You could almost hear his thought process:

"Here I go, run two yards and then, OH SHOOT, LOOK AT THAT HOLE ... motor ... motor ... motor .. I'm in the endzone? I'M IN THE ENDZONE!!! wait, no FLAGS? Yea BOY!"

I think this shirt sums up what type of season we're in for:

It's not a bad thing by any means, if anything we can play spoiler to a couple squads; cough Bama, VT, Florida cough .... All I have to say is Thank goodness for the workers on Defense, Weatherfords effort, and Preston Parker (i feel like he's returned 20 Kicks for TD, although he hasnt done a thing, he has that competitive spirit I long to see in my entire team).