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USF Calling FSU Out?

Matt Grothe, a Lake Gibson alum (like myself) and the starting quarterback at USF might have done a little bit of a bait during the Bulls' press conference this week.

"Doesn't the ACC winner play the Big East winner in a bowl game?'' he asked. "I'm kind of pulling for Florida State to win the ACC, if we win the BIG EAST I would like play against them in the bowl game."

Well, thanks for the wishes Matt, but FSU playing in a BCS Bowl doesn't seem too likely right now.

Meanwhile Taurus Johnson didn't call FSU out, but he had a little fun with our rivals in the South...

"I already thought we were in the Big 3," he said. "I didn't know Miami was still there."


Speaking of the Hurricanes, SBN's official Miami Hurricanes blog Hall of Canes is open and ready for business. Walter is a good friend of mine so stop by and give him a Seminole greeting!