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FSU-Alabama Post Mortem...

...Before you ask about next week's starter, Jimbo Fisher isn't announcing yet. Well technically he is, but it isn't public yet because...well you know, what we saw might not have been what we saw.

-- Xavier did what he was supposed to do. Stay within the goal of moving chains but go for the downfield throw when you think you have it. His 224 yards of passing came primarily on three plays.

  • 28-yarder to Greg Carr that led to the first touchdown.
  • 58-yarder to Carr that led to a red-zone interception.
  • 70-yarder to De'Cody Fagg that scored.
146 yards on three plays, 9-of-16 on his other plays which were mostly safe passes. Very good job.

-- Credit the final touchdown to Jimbo Fisher's playcalling, he knew exactly what Saban and Steele cooked up and had the perfect answer for it. Fagg did an excellent job of turning into a big play.

-- The injury news on Marcus Sims (fractured ankle) pretty much ends his campaign for the season, but I think he's eligible for a medical redshirt if he desires. Meanwhile the other fullback Seddrick Holloway had a MAN-SIZED block on Smith's touchdown.

-- Bobby said the post-game he doesn't live the prevent defense and frankly there was NO need for it tonight as John Parker Wilson wasn't a threat to do anything against the FSU base.

-- BTW regarding the poll. Carr had five catches for 107 yards and Fagg had four catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns...You tell me the answer?

-- Smith had 15 yards on 12 carries and he's going to have to hope that the threat of Lee (11 carries, 59 yards) will open up some running lanes for him.