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For the fourth or fifth year in a row (I forget), I am representing Tomahawk Nation in the BlogPoll.

The Blogpoll is run by Brian Cook, a Michigan fan who is very angry these days.

So each week I won't give you my full poll, but I will spotlight teams that are in and out.

Who's Out

-- Florida State: Yeah I'm shocked too. No reason to think this team is deserving of a Top 25 ranking. Not when they are 7-8 in their last 15 games. Yup, a losing record in their last 15, that probably hasn't happened before in the Bowden era. They probably won't have a chance to crack the poll again until after the Colorado game.

-- Notre Dame: They weren't in anyway and now that His Holiness Chuck Weis has already went to the Savior, I don't think we'll have to worry about the Irish infesting a BCS Bowl with their sorry presence this year.

-- Michigan: Ok, how long do we punish Michigan? I don't think I'll consider them until the end of September. A top 5 team losing to a 1-AA, even a good one like Appy State, deserves a three-week banishment from any poll.

Who's In

-- Miami: There's a good chance Oklahoma will eat their lunch this Saturday, but hell they earned at least one week of glory. And admit it, you're scared of their defense and the potential of that game blowing up in our face, you know you are.

-- South Florida: I don't worry so much about Elon, hell they barely beat them last year I think. I think they will upset Auburn...speaking of which.

-- Auburn: The Tigers were outplayed for three quarters and magically won by 10. That's a charmed life and a team that would worry me a little because you assume they will get better.

Who else should get Blogpoll consideration...TELL ME!