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Interesting Stuff From...

...Bowden in his Sunday's chatter.

For those who can't read it:

-- Antone appears to be ok, possibly suffered a slight to mild concussion. He'll practice on Monday and should be fine for Colorado but he will wear a blue (non-contact) jersey all week.

-- Hard to say whether Mickey Andrews will be back this week. I hadn't heard anything about the pneumonia before it happened. Of course I hadn't heard anything about Wyatt's Lyme Disease either. Not speculating, but the fact is he has just suffered a terrible personal loss and he might need some time to rest.

-- Said Jamaal Edwards was good, not great. I'd agree but it was still good to see the young man perform well in game time.

-- They would like to use Russell Ball more because of his playmaking ability but he has horrible luck staying healthy. "Get him out there where he can do something. He catches the ball good and he's got good speed, but dadgummit, if he's going to stay hurt all the time, you can't get him in there."

-- Interesting takes on the pass rush: "We're not getting enough sacks. We're not getting sacks like we used to. That might be one of the biggest differences in our defense right now than 10 years ago, the sacks. We used to lead the nation in sacks. Now when we get one, it's a revelation."


"We had (Peter) Boulware and Reinard Wilson and (Andre) Wadsworth and Greg Spires, those guys could run around the outside and they could run around the outside and just beat you to the quarterback. We ain't doing that right now. Everything's a bull rush. Maybe that's the way our kids are built, but dadgummit, we need some quickness around the edge. We're having to blitz to get our pressure."