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X-Era Is Over: Update

Only a week after he was spotted working out with teammates and talking with Jimbo Fisher about several options, it appears that Xavier Lee made up his mind.

He is not enrolled in classes this spring.

This is not a total shock as a few have secretly expected he is going to try his luck in the NFL combines in hope of finding his way on a pro team whether it be in the NFL or Arena football.

Lee joins Geno Hayes (NFL Draft), Letroy Guion (NFL Draft) and Charlie Graham (grades) as players who will not be part of the 2008 Seminoles...although Charlie Graham is a slight possibility, I doubt it.

UPDATE: Lee is going to prepare for an invitation to the NFL Combine and go that route.

The Lee family confirmed what I heard over the weekend. Jimbo Fisher basically told Lee that he was not going to waste anymore QB reps on him and either leave or play tight end. So he left.