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Duke Is Tonight...

...and they're on TV more than a Leave it to Bea-vah, re-run.

Only guys who listen to Jim Rome will get that reference.

Judging by the response for more Seminole basketball (none), I'm guessing you haven't kept track of the men's squad this year. But in spite of the occasional lack of interest on the team (until National Signing Day is over) they haven't played poorly despite being hampered with a major lack of depth over the past few weeks.

Here's a little rundown on the squad.

Record: 12-5
ACC Record: 1-1
Next Game: Tonight (Wednesday) Home vs. Duke, 7 p.m.
Last Game: Loss 97-85 to Clemson in 2 OT
Best Victory: 65-51 win vs. Florida
Worst Loss: 68-67 loss vs. USF
Estimated No. of Victories for NIT Berth: 18
Estimated No. of Victories for NCAA Berth: 21
Strength: Guard Play
Weaknesses: Major Lack of Depth, Inside Play
Leaders: Toney Douglas (13.8 ppg), Isaiah Swann (3.4 apg), Uche Echefu (7.4 rpg).