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Looking Forward

In the time between now and when the Gator's bad karma catches up to them. Lets take a look at a few skill position players that return that should make you happy to still be a diehard seminole fan....

Also inside:

  • The ACC Blogger Awards.  I voted.  Other Noleblogs forgot to :(  
  • Remember not to believe everything you read, such as James Davis to the NFL draft...
  • Tracing the latest Jimbo Rumor
  • Some are taking note of the Nole's tournament chances.
  • Still don't Trust FEI, AOE, and ADE (the 3 best statistical measures of a team's strength, as they take out garbage time data and have been amazingly able to adjust for opponent strength)??  They predicted Boise State to beat Oklahoma in 2006, as their data had Boise ranked ahead of OU.  They called for Hawaii to get crushed by UGA in 2008 as they felt Hawaii was the 53rd best team in America.  Their best Mid Major team since 2003?  Urban Meyer's 2004 Utah team (5th overall).  This year's Utah team?  23rd overall.  Bama wagerers, take notes.  



We all know he has the tools. Anyone who has seen him (including our first team defense), thinks he is the next great quarterback for FSU. If brought along slowly, he just might be.



The talent in the backfield is outstanding. Jermaine Thomas has shown his ability. Which makes it that much more amazing he was behind Ty Jones on the depth chart. Watch out for Jones’s thunder to compliment Thomas's lightning next year. And lets not forget about Pressley, who barring injury, was a consensus pick to take Antone's job this year. He also made Blount run to Oregon.




 All three showed flashes of brilliance, coupled with dumb decisions, on and off the field. Reed should develop into a big play threat, with Easterling filling the role of go to WR.

Look for a breakout season for Fortson, who’s main problem wasn’t ability, but route running. I would expect this to be corrected in the off-season with more attention paid to these guys.

So here is my question... 

Are we in for more disappointments that should have been stars or are these the skill position players that should push us over the top?

Who do you think will be the impact players next season? is it someone still in high school? Is it someone yet to step up on the roster?



The Jimbo Rumor

Apparently the "Jimbo to Auburn is a done deal and has been since the UGA game.  Auburn is interviewing other candidates simply to make it appear that they didn't talk to Jimbo in early November." rumor came froma  caller to Paul Finebaum.  


Talkin Tourney?  


With nine games under their belt, FSU has significant wins over Cal and Florida, and a loss to Northwestern that could hurt. The rest of their games are basically trivial. Of their remaining non-conference games, their biggest one is Pitt, followed by Western Kentucky. Beating Pitt would be huge, if unlikely, and they should be able to beat WKU, which would give them at least three credible wins going into conference play.  

As of now, Florida State, B.C., and Maryland's schedules are the most impressive. Virginia and Virginia Tech have dug themselves holes, and while Georgia Tech and State have done nothing to distinguish themselves thus far, they haven't shot themselves in the foot, either.


That's nice to see.  Of we can finish the OOC at 13-2, with losses to a top 3 team (Pitt) and a team that looks to fare pretty well in the B10 (Northwestern), I would think the Noles are in with an ACC record of 8-8.  Finding 8 wins in conference, however... tough.  At least we only play UNC once.


My votes for the ACC Blog Awards

* Redshirts counted as rookies

ACC Offensive POY

1. Jonathan Dwyer, GTech
2. Russell Wilson

ACC Defensive POY (This was tough to leave off Curry, Harris, or A. Smith)
1. Mark Herzlich OLB- BC
2. Everette Brown
3. BJ Raji DT-BC

ACC Offensive ROY
1. Russell Willson
2. Darren Evans RB-VT
3. Tawain Easterling (wr- FSU)

ACC Defensive ROY
1. Sean Spence LB-Miami
2. Robert Quinn DE, UNC, played lights out after coming back from brain cancer.
3. Brandon Maye  Clemson

ACC COY-- I felt there were 3 worthy candidates and I'd have put Beamer 4th.
1. Paul Johnson
2. David Cutcliffe
3. Jeff Jagodzinski