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Friday Nole Notes and some other ACC News

  • D'Vontrey Richardson talks about changing positions after coming back from this spring's baseball season.
  • An interesting story about Auburn's recent coaching search.  Jimmy Sexton is Jimbo Fisher's agent as well.
  • For the recruitnicks, giant DT Antwan Lowery has committed to Rutgers and it appears Ryne Giddens has dropped Florida State.  Dre Kirkpatrick has gotten one step closer to his eventual commitment to Alabama in the worst game of recruiting poker ever played.
  • TrueCubbie should be along later in the weekend to breakdown the upcoming game with Pitt.  The Panthers are 11-0 and ranked 3rd in the country in the two major polls.
  • Beamer vs. Bammer. Or is it Beama' vs. Bama?
  • Paul Johnson signs a 7-year, $17.17 million extention at Georgia Tech. 
  • Like the sands of the hour glass, so are the Days of Robert Mavre.  If Mavre transfers, the highest rated QB recruit left on Miami's board?  Nico Flores.

There's been a lot of talk lately about which draft-eligible players will be leaving.  Rather than get caught up in the "will they or won't they," let's take a look at what the depth chart would look like if some of the candidates were to leave.

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First of all it is accepted on this site, and has been for awhile, that Everette Brown is gone, he deserves the chance to leave, and he's going to get seriously paid.  Myron Rolle has also decided to pursue life elsewhere.  Those guys are off the board.

The Seniors

Drew Weatherford, Antone Smith, Greg Carr, Richard Goodman, Paul Griffin, Neefy Moffett, Kenny Ingram, Derek Nicholson, Toddrick Verdell, Darius McClure, Tony Carter, Michael Ray Garvin, and His Excellancy Graham Gano.

The One Year Wonders

I'd operate under the assumption that next Saturday will be the last time you see Surrency and Tonga in a Florida State uniform. 

The Juniors

I think we can plan on having the following guys back: Pressley, Holloway, Owens, Wright, Jamie Robinson, and Mangum.

Patrick Robinson has all of the physical skills to play cornerback in the NFL.  He would test very well at the combine.  This potential loss scares me more than any other, because the depth chart behind him at cornerback is very unproven.  Allen or Parks would have to take a major step up for us to have any chance at a decent secondary next year.  We don't really have any recruits that can offset this loss.  Byrd will fill in as a role player if he comes here, but I don't see him as a Robinson-level game changer.  If Robinson stays, he's your starter on one side.  Jenije and Mangum will fight it out on the other side.

Parker said recently he'd be back if he wasn't a 1st or 2nd rounder.  Right now, I don't think he is.  I think he'll be back.  If he's not, we're already deep at WR, we have 3 to 4 WR commits, and we may look to sign 1 to 2 MORE WRs.

Sims will be here if he keeps his grades up.  Ditto to Dekoda Watson (maybe one of the best "recruits" we could have gotten this offseason), Stewart, McNeil, and Piurowski.

I have doubts that Dunbar's back will ever be normal.  These are only my personal doubts, however.  I just don't think we can expect him to be a player again.

Thacker doesn't seem to like school very much.  I don't know what to expect out of him.  Mincey has had some grade issues in the past and may be looking to the NFL as a way out.  We had a chance to lose him because of these grade issues, at least if he goes Pro there's a little bit of positive pub out of it.  Lose one of these guys and we may be ok.  If we lose both I think we could be in some serious trouble.  I expect McCray to take a huge step forward next year and our recruits, McDaniel and McAllister, look like potential playmakers.  However, until those guys get some experience, we will be very thin at DT.  I hope we're looking to sign another tackle as a result.

The Sophomores

I'd plan on having all of the draft eligible sophomores back next year with one exception: D'Vontrey Richardson.  A huge baseball season this year and there's a chance he gets drafted pretty high.  I think given his circumstances (unsure future in a football career) we can't begrudge him for taking the money and running.  It seems that the staff's current answer to the loss of Richardson is Nico Flores.  There's a slight chance Bellamy doesn't come back as well, but I think he'll get one more year to work through his medical issue.

So let's get some discussion going.  Who do you think might leave and what should we be doing to replace them?