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Sizing 'em Up

I think it needs to be noted the change in the size of player that Jimbo and Co are starting to bring in, lets start with a look at the WR position….



Check out the size at WR for next year


Rodney Smith 6'6" Freshman
Cameron Wade 6'6" Sophomore
Avis Commack  6'4"  Sophomore
Jarmon Fortson 6'3" Sophomore
Willie Haulstead  6'3" Freshman
Josh Gehres 6'3" Freshman
Willie Downs  6'2" Freshman
Xavier Rhodes 6'2" Freshman



Plus the size at TE.....


Caz Piurowski  6'7" Senior
Bo Reliford  6'7" Sophomore
Ja'Baris Little  6'4"  Sophomore
Brian Stork 6'4" Freshman



Plus increased size at the RB position...


Jermaine Thomas 6'1"  Sophomore
Lonnie Pryor 6'1"  Freshman
Tavares Pressley 6'1"  Junior



Oh yeah, and we are big and getting bigger that QB position....


Christian Ponder  6'2"  Junior
D'vo Richardson  6'1"  Junior
E.J. Manuel 6'4"  Freshman


Of course, there is also considerable size on the offensive line…



Antwane Greenlee 6’6" Sophomore
Andrew Datko 6’6" Sophomore
John Prior 6’6" Freshman
Garret Faircloth 6’6" Freshman
David Spurlock 6’5" Sophomore
Zebrie Sanders 6’5" Sophomore
Evan Bellamy 6’4" Junior
Rhonne Sanderson 6’4" Sophomore
Will Furlong 6’4" Sophomore
Blake Snider   6’4" Freshman
A.J. Ganguzza 6’3" Sophomore
Ryan McMahon 6’3" Junior
Rodney Hudson 6’2" Junior
Henry Orelus 6’2" Freshman




Decent size at Dline.....


Justin Mincey 6’5" Senior
Toshmon Stevens 6’5" Sophomore
Ed Stinson 6'4" Freshman
Markus White


Jamar Jackson 6'4" Sophomore
Demonte McAllister 6'3" Freshman
Brandon Jenkins 6'2" Freshman
Kevin McNeil 6'2" Senior
Kendrick Stewart 6'2" Senior
Budd Thacker 6'2" Senior
Moses McCray 6'2" Sophomore
Everett Dawkins 6'2" Sophomore



We are also big at the LB position.....


Nigel Carr 6'3" Sophmore
Dekota Watson 6'2" Senior
Ricardo Wright 6'2" Senior
Mister Alexander 6'2" Junior
Nigel Bradham 6'2" Sophomore
Aaron Gresham 6'2" Sophomore
C.J. Mizell 6'2" Freshman
Kendall Smith 6'1" Junior
Vincent Williams 6'0" Sophomore


Ok, so it doesn’t really fit in the secondary, but at least there aren’t any midgets. Robinson and Harley are 6'2", with 6 others atleast 6 feet tall.

So overall it didn’t take long for Jimbo and Co to turn this team around in the speed and size department. It’s going to be a good time watching this team mature. I'd like to know your thoughts on if you think this is a good thing.