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FSU's 2008 Schedule...

The FSU and ACC schedules were released recently and there are a few interesting tidbits:

  • FSU pulls a Spurrier and schedules a preseason (Tenn-Chattanooga & Western Carolina) for the first two weekends of the season. This makes sense given that so many players will be suspended through game 3.
  • Unfortunately Game 3 is Wake Forest. FSU should be better than Wake and the young players that will be rushed into action and game tested already...but still.
  • FSU has 7 home games and originally had eight until the Sept. 27 game against Colorado was moved to Jacksonville. That was a good move but the Seminoles next two games are on the road so from Sep. 20 to Oct. 25 there are no games at Doak.
  • Virginia Tech, Clemson and Florida are the toughest home games by far and Boston College, even without Matt Ryan, will not be easy. FSU is 4-9 against those four programs over the last four seasons.
  • Bye week is after the Miami game and leads into a Thursday night game against N.C. State so they do not have a full two week break this year.
Thoughts? Opinions? Any JScott sightings?

And the schedule:

9/6   vs. Western Carolina
9/13  vs. UT-Chattanooga
9/20  vs. Wake Forest
9/27  vs. Colorado (at Jacksonville)
10/4  at Miami
10/16 at N.C. State
10/25 vs. Virginia Tech
11/1  at Georgia Tech
11/8  vs. Clemson
11/15 vs. Boston College
11/22 at Maryland
11/29 vs. Florida