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Super Tuesday Recruiting Style...Part 1

...Yes FSU has a new Athletic Director, he's the former athletic director at that athletic powerhouse Utah State. Yes the president of FSU, TK Wetherell, released one of the top 10 ADs in the nation for a guy from Utah State.

Spetman was introduced Monday and wore an orange tie. So much for a man of detail..

Anyway, you aren't here to read about the new AD but about National Signing Day, so I'm now going to leave you waiting. Here's my thoughts on each prospect.

* Julio Jones: The big prize in the Florida State recruiting day sweepstakes. He's choosing between FSU, Alabama and Oklahoma.

The bad news is that FSU has struggled at luring top talent from Alabama and Jones is the cream of the crop. The worse news is that even Jones has admitted that Oklahoma provides him the best quarterback situation...yes playing with a freshman, Sam Bradford, is a better situation than playing with a four-year starter. Of course when said freshman has almost as many TD passes (36) as said four-year starter (40) then we understand Jones' point.

Anyway, the early exit polls seem to point to an FSU celebration, but no one is willing to go 100% on it due FSU's struggles in Alabama.

Jones will announce tomorrow at Noon.

* Jamie Harper: The top running back in the state of Florida is being courted by Clemson, Illinois, FSU and Miami.

The good news is FSU is the closest distance from Harper's Jacksonville home. The better news is that Harper missed his official visit time to Tallahassee because he was taking the SAT. However, Harper visited FSU that Monday and stayed until Tuesday, which means his visit to FSU was a priority.

The bad news is that Clemson has been his favorite from the start and he took his final visit to Miami. Meanwhile he isn't answering calls so no one has an up-to-date word on his potential destination.

The exit poll numbers aren't so good for the Seminoles as one way or the other Harper will be someone our defense will have to focus on.

* Corey Liguet: Here's an interesting one.

Two weeks ago Liuget was choosing between Miami and Illinois. Now Miami is completely out of the picture with the superstar defensive back choosing between...well... says that Liuget is between FSU and LSU.

Warchant, however, says that Liuget is between FSU and Illinois with LSU not a major player.

The good news is that either way FSU is the main player and quite possibly in the driver's seat.

Part 2 coming later tonight.