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Super Tuesday Recruiting Style...Part 2

Well it's Wednesday but we'll stick to the theme and go through some other players.

* Josh Jenkins: Unfortunately it looks like one of Rick Trickett's top guys on his board will succumb to the local pressure and sign with West Virginia today. It seemed like FSU was in good standingd for Jenkins as of last week but with Doc Holliday in the fold for West Virginia, his recruiting got very tough very quickly.

* Jarmon Fortson: One of the late heists for FSU will see the Seminoles snag this 6'3, 220-pounder from Auburn today. Fortson committed to Auburn with his best friend, quarterback Deron Furr, but will end up at FSU where he will probably play tight end or defensive end...or wide receiver depending on Julio Jones' status.

* T.J. Bryant: Anyone who's followed FSU recruiting in the last ten years knows that the top player at Lincoln High School usually ends up at FSU (the exception being North Carolina's splendid offensive lineman Calvin Darity and former All-Pro Kevin Carter, who signed with Florida).

Bryant isn't lock by any stretch according to most because Miami and Alabama are in this fight to win it. But look for FSU to do what they've always done and keep the Tallahassee top talent at home.