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Spring Depth Chart...

...we'll talk a bit about the basketball team tomorrow. I'm guessing an NIT home game is in our future.

But spring football starting in a couple days and here's the depth chart thanks to our friends at Warchant.

Quick glance I see a few things:

  • Greg Carr has apparently changed his number to 18.
  • Preston Parker is listed as the No. 1 receiver and No. 2 running back but expect for him to be used primarily as a receiver.
  • Daron Rose and Caz Piurowski are both going to miss the first three games I THINK. So keep an eye on Jonathan Hannah at tight end and Antwane Greenlee returning from injury.
  • Kenny Ingram is surprisingly listed at linebacker instead of free safety.
  • Jamie Robinson has moved to free safety, expect him to get equal reps with McClure and Anthony Leon.
  • Michael Ray Garvin is running track this spring, therefore he isn't listed on the depth chart.