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Some Spring Tidbits

If you want to read the official FSU sports info department spring practice update, you can do so right here.

* One of the more surprising developments for me was the fact that D'Vontrey Richardson is with the quarterbacks this spring despite constant rumors of him moving to safety or wide receiver or transferring elsewhere.

Now it's not surprising that Richardson is practicing football full time now because he doesn't have much of a choice. He's going through some academic issues that don't allow him to play baseball.

That being said the coaching staff is positioning Christian Ponder to win the starting job from Drew Weatherford. Whether he does or doesn't is another story, but they are positioning him to challenge.

However, Richardson has always intrigued the staff and you'll remember that it was him, not Xavier Lee, who was worked into the offense first last season against Alabama. It was a disaster of course, but it was a message of what they thought of Richardson.

So it's just something to keep your eye on as the pads come on and the scrimmages begin.

As for post-practice, Bowden didn't say much. Something about no comparison to last year's spring practice and how everyone's an All-American without the pads. It's not like he's the head coach or anything...

Meanwhile Jimbo Fisher said he saw guys out there who knew what they were doing and having fun. He didn't see as many mental mistakes.

He said he's going to try to balance Preston Parker between running back and wide receiver. He's current No. 1 on the WR depth chart and No. 2 at the running back position.

Jimbo liked what he saw out of Brandon Paul, a redshirt freshman who is lining up at running back.

He said that Christian Ponder needs to show the consistency and takes advantage of the opportunities he's given to show the coaching staff that he's the man. He says Christian's body language is that of someone who gets it and understands what's expected of him.