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Makes The Head Hurt...

...Even Pro Day at FSU can't go off without a hitch.

There was a big controversy between FSU and some of the FAMU kids that either crashed the party or were invited (depending on who you ask). And it was a big mess. Of course the biggest mess came from a very angry Antonio Cromartie.

"It's not a fair opportunity, if you're going to have the guys come over here, put them in the same rotation as the other guys, don't sit here and tell them that they can come over here after one 40 (yard dash), and they run in a head wind, after one 40 (yard dash) and they're done."

Of course part of Cromartie's issue was that one of the FAMU players that may or may not have been invited is a sorta kinda relative of his.

"Personally that's one reason why I don't come back to Florida State. What goes on here, how they treat former players, alumni that's played here. How they treat us, that's one reason. The only reason I'm here (today at Pro Day) is because of my God brother."

Oh boy. That comment stings and if he were the first to say it, I would suggest sour grapes.

But he isn't.