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New Face, Different Place

With no offense to Roger Williams or Anthony Houllis, the free safety position should get a big boost in athleticism with the addition of Jamie Robinson there this season. Robinson is moving from the cornerback position and according to at least one of my friends with a connection to the program, he definitely brings a better look in coverage then what FSU has had in the last few years.

"I can come in and make an impact, knowing my ability and knowing the plays I can make," Robinson said. "It is exciting when I think about it. People don't really know how well I can play. They really haven't seen me yet. That's really exciting. So I'm going to get to show them. Finally."

I think one of the biggest problems affecting FSU is leaving talented players like Robinson on the bench rather than finding ways to get them on the field. He's 6'2, 190 pounds with considerable speed and ability. Obviously Tony Carter and Patrick Robinson are your primary cornerbacks but with such a gaping hole at the free safety position why did it take the coaches so long to move Robinson there and provide more competition?