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Uh Oh...

...Well Drew Weatherford sat out Monday's practice with what was termed a "sprained right knee".

Doesn't seem serious right?

"I don't think it's very serious, but we feel like the other guys need the work anyway," said FSU coach Bobby Bowden. "I was talking to coach [Jimbo] Fisher about that earlier, that the other kids have been here four springs. We really need to get these two guys up to par. It's probably good for them."

So it appears to be no big deal as Christian Ponder got all the work with the first team on Monday and D'Vontrey Richardson got all the work in with the second team.

While Weatherford was not expected to participate in today's full-padded scrimmage, there is word from that his injury might be slightly more serious than thought.

How serious? No one is saying, it's doubtful Weatherford will say anything himself and the program doesn't disclose injury information until the severity is discovered. Still I have a feeling that No. 11 might be sitting for the rest of the spring.